Responding to Edema with VCU Treatment

Edema is a condition that affects individuals of various walks of life for all different reasons. Prevalence rates can be upwards of 7-20% of individuals depending on gender.

Involving the buildup of excess fluid in body tissue, edema can result from conditions including pregnancy, surgery, medication or more. It is important to address edema imminently when the condition develops, as prolonged edema can cause chronic pain, reduce mobility, and potentially damage soft tissue and joint structures.

This condition is so prevalent, numerous studies have been conducted to examine the effects and proper treatment protocol, most of which have found significant limb volume reduction after intermittent compression. Compression can come in a form as simple as a wrap or compression tight(s), or more advanced technologies such as the Vascular Compression Unit offered by TriMed Services.

The Vascular Compression Unit is a unique compression unit providing precise temperature controls during thermal compression. This means the device functions two-fold: One aspect controls for temperature therapy – without the risk of thermal tissue damage that temperature therapy including ice applications can involve – while the other function introduces varying applications of compression therapy. Depending on your precise condition, your physician may instruct you to use one or both functions in combination or separately.

The VCU comes highly recommended by our clients, and we encourage you to reach out to your physician to determine if the unit could assist with your own treatment plan.