We operate throughout South Carolina and are based out of Charleston, SC. TriMed would fall under the industry category of a durable medical equipment (DME) provider. However, we are much more than what may come to mind when thinking about a "typical" DME provider. While providing physicians, hospitals, care facilities, and patients with cutting edge, effective medical equipment is a large focus of our operation; it is only pursued concurrently with TriMed's overarching mission: To provide unparalleled service to our patients, physicians, and clients that exceeds expectations and contributes to the recovery process. It is this dedication to service that helps to clearly distinguish TriMed from others in the marketplace. It is who we are...after all, it's in our name!

Whether you are an individual patient, a sole medical provider, or a 1,000-bed facility, all of our clients receive that same exceptional level of quality service and attention. We strive to obtain complete customer satisfaction with each and every person we have the pleasure of servicing. With nearly a decade of service, TriMed's track record is a testament to our commitment to service. Within the medical equipment and service arena; whatever your needs may be, we can help you find a solution.

Our Service

We didn't invent customer service...we just perfected it

TriMed provides therapy services and medical equipment to patients ordered by physician prescription as well as non-prescribed medical supplies and devices. TriMed has specialized team members that ensure efficient and seamless coordination of patient care. Our patient liaisons maintain regular communications with each patient to assist in coordinating delivery and pick-up (if required) of the medical equipment we provide. Our field technicians provide face-to-face setup and instruction to every patient to ensure that each patient and/or their caregiver understand how to properly use the medical equipment provided. We emphasize patient communications and have patient relations specialists that speak often with patients during their therapy treatment and recovery. Team members are also available to address any "after-hours" issues that a patient may encounter. TriMed utilizes cutting edge technology to assist in tracking, monitoring, and recording all communications with the patients we service. This enables us to provide summary information to physicians and facilities when needed. We view ourselves as an extension of each physician practice that we work with and we are able to provide physicians with communication of patient issues and progress as it relates to the services we provide.

In summary, TriMed acts as an extension of physicians' practices when providing patients the "best in class" post-operative therapy. Our therapy services greatly improve patient pain levels without narcotics and helps expedite recovery. The communication we provide patients during their weeks of therapy and recovery is an important part of the services we provide. It helps patients remain comfortable with their recovery and helps doctors' staffs by fielding questions that typically would result in patients calling the doctor's offices. In a time when patient service has taken a back seat to everything else, TriMed has moved service to the forefront for the benefit of our doctors and their patients.

TriMed Services' goal is to focus on your recovery.