Edema and Lymphedema

Edema is a buildup of excess fluid in the body’s tissues. It can be result of various causes such as medication, pregnancy or surgery, just to name a few. Edema is the body’s normal response to injury and is part of the natural healing process. Acute edema is often seen after trauma or surgery. Prolonged edema following surgery can delay healing, increase pain, and have harmful effects on soft tissue and joint structures.

Lymphedema is an abnormal collection of fluid below the skin. It most commonly occurs in the arms or legs, but can be experienced elsewhere throughout the body. While primary lymphedema is a result of abnormalities in the lymphatic system present at birth, secondary lymphedema is a result of damage to the lymphatic system after various causes such as surgery.Untreated, lymphedema can result in infections and, in severe cases, cancer.

Our VCU therapy system provides compression to the treatment site to aid in the reduction of the pooling of blood and lymphatic fluid in the targeted extremity.

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