Our Specialty is You.

If you are undergoing any orthopedic or sports related procedure, we are here to help you get back on your feet. All sizes, big and small; all ages young and seasoned - TriMed is here to help.

Personalized Service

Medical procedures are rarely planned to fit conveniently into our schedules. TriMed seeks to alleviate some of the aggravation you face in your busy life. Our team of patient liaisons and service technicians will coordinate a time to personally deliver, setup and instruct you on how to use the equipment provided at a time and place convenient to you. During your recovery process, we will reach out to you to check in on your progress.  When you are finished with the equipment, our team members will coordinate the pickup at your convenience.  Our personalized service is what helps to further distinguish TriMed as the premier partner to assist in your recovery.


  • Monday - Thursday: 9:00am - 5:00pm
  • Friday: 9:00am - 3:00pm
  • Saturday + Sunday: Closed
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Ensuring Your Recovery

Our focus is on your recovery and so should yours. TriMed handles all aspects related to filing your claim with your insurance company.

We are an advocate on behalf of you and fight to ensure you receive the benefits you are owed through our proprietary claims and appeals process. We accept most forms of insurance, and our claims and billing specialist are available to answer any questions you may come across regarding your insurance coverage of our services.

Let's Get You Back on Your Feet

Your physician is the expert in your treatment plan. If you have not received a prescription for our equipment, discuss with your doctor about how TriMed can fit into your treatment plan and help reduce your pain and expedite your recovery.

Give us a call or email us if you have any questions or would like further assistance.
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TriMed Services' goal is to focus on your recovery.